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A S Fisk, Director of Store Development, 10/11/06

We supplied MFI from 1973 until they succumed to the economic crisis in 2008:

GMS are a family run business who still give outstanding customer service. They have worked with MFI for over 20 years, from when music systems were driven by tape players progressing through to CD players with compressed music discs and currently music downloaded to a store modem to facilitate instant change and any messaging requirements. GMS have a comprehensive music library to fit any mood or time of day and will select titles to fit your customer profile.
I have always found GMS to be innovative in prompting their customers to keep their systems up to date with current technology, and they are extremely responsive to any new initiatives that we have. GMS supply MFI with the full range of services, from design and installation through music and messaging to any maintenance issues we may have. GMS are a first class operation and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.