Why Choose GMS?

Why Choose GMS?

Here are a few of the reasons to choose us:

Part of the Family

It’s not only the McRaes who are classed as family: our staff and partners become honorary family members as well.  We get to know our partners on a personal basis and work to achieve what is best for them and their business.  In addition, we have the flexibility to change direction at a moments’ notice in order to adapt to our partners’ needs.

Heritage and Stability

It is over 40 years since our founder began offering music and advertising to clients (see ‘Malcolm and the Marzipan’ for the story).  We have an intimate understanding of the part our services play in targeting markets, building brand identity and enhancing atmosphere.

Expertise and Partnership

We combine our own knowledge with our close partnerships to develop systems and services that keep the needs of our partners and their clients in mind.  Our solutions have been tested in real client sites before general release.

Industry-Leading Support

Our client services team bring many years’ experience and are backed-up by a range of support services, including our manned helpline and installer network

Quality of Service

Our success lies in our close relationships with partners, our staff-client relationships and our attention to detail.  We are always looking for ways to grow and develop, and work on continuous improvement at all levels.

Vast Range of Options

The solutions and services we offer are designed to give partners and their clients the maximum range of options.  We give partners the flexibility to pick and choose the bits that suit their business needs, and the needs of their clients.