Telegraph Business Club Video

Telegraph Business Club Video РExciting Publicity Opportunity 

In April of 2009, we were invited to take part in a video project for the Telegraph Business Club website.

TRACC films were tasked with producing a series of short documentaries for the website. The documentaries were each to cover a business whose story would be ‘engaging, informative and interesting’ for the club’s members. We were chosen as one of the subjects of these videos. This meant that we were to have a film crew visit our offices and interview various staff members and also some of our clients.

When the day for filming came, the staff members to be interviewed were all suitably nervous. However the TRACC team were extremely professional and friendly. They quickly put us at our ease and the day actually turned out to be quite enjoyable. The TRACC team were very efficient and the first cut of the film was with us only three days after filming took place!

We are very pleased with the end result and think it is an excellent portrayal of our business. We feel it captures our passion for both our clients and our industry, whilst also demonstrating that we really are good at what we do. We hope that you will agree:

Initially the video was also accesible on the Telegraph Business Club website, but this is no longer the case.