Support and Backup

Support and Backup Services to Ensure You Get the Most from Your System(s)

We firmly believe in working with our partners on an individual basis. That way, you get exactly the systems, service and support that you require to contribute to your business goals. Our solutions are simple, robust and effective, but still come with a complete back-up package, to ensure that you always get the best out of them.

The core of this support rests on our manned client helpline, which is staffed 9am-9pm GMT, 7 days per week. Outside of these hours, you may get an answer but we do not guarantee it, though you would always be able to leave a voicemail, which we would respond to on the next working day. The operators on this line are drawn from our client services and studio departments, and can fix most queries over the phone. If anything more is required, they can pass the issue on to the relevant department. The helpline number is only available to clients, and can be found in various locations: in your original welcome email, if appropriate, in the top right-hand corner of the music4Uonline site after login, and on the front of any machines supplied by us.  In addition to our phone support, many of our partners also contact us by email, which we check and respond to throughout our working day.

Our dedicated client-services department can advise you on any aspect of your system and service. They will also handle upgrades and carry out courtesy calls to check that you remain happy with us.

Our studio team are available to answer any queries relating to music selection. They are also responsible for maintaining the database and ensuring that it is complete and up-to-date. This includes sourcing any music specifically requested by individual partners or their clients, which is a function that is built into our music4Uonline service. The profilers are technically a part of the studio team, but the only ‘support’ function they fulfil is maintaining our ‘Default Profiles’, which are broadly industry-appropriate profiles available to all clients. The profilers’ main function is custom-playlisting and brand profiling.

We have a network of engineers across the UK, who carry out jobs ranging from setting up machines to full sound system installations. They are also available for repair and maintenance work as required.  We are in the process of developing links with similar service providers worldwide so please get in touch if you think you can offer these services or if you need a service provider in your area.

We also work with a network of recording artists, graphic designers and studios, to provide advert production services. Outsourcing this activity enables us to offer the widest range of voices, accents and video specialisms. That way we can be sure of sourcing the best option for each client.

These departments and services can all be contacted or accessed through the main office switchboard: +44 (0) 1324 711011. This is open between 9am and 5:30pm GMT, Monday to Friday.