Services to Support and Grow Your Business

We offer a range of services, some geared towards the end client and some more directly for the benefit of our partners businesses.


One of the most popular services we offer to partners is ‘white-labelled’ content delivery.  Partners use our software platforms to deliver music, audio messaging or video to their clients’ sites whilst retaining complete brand integrity, with all logos on the player changed to their branding and help and contact information directing clients’ to the partner.  We remain in the background as a support for the partner but their clients generally have no idea that we are involved.  This is the ultimate convenient, low-cost but instantaneous business solution for companies wanting to offer audio or video services to their clients.


Our music4Uonline platform is one of the most advanced content-delivery and profile management tools available to businesses.  It offers complete flexibility and is a convenient, hassle-free and cost-effective way for clients and/or partners to manage the content heard and seen in clients’ sites.  Our partners can offer it to their clients as a complete package or can choose to retain control of any aspect of the service according to the particular aims and specialisms of their business.


Our studio staff can create a customised profile to help a client to increase revenues by building and sustaining their brand image and creatingan appropriate ambience in their site(s).  This brings customers back to the client’s site(s) again and again, and encourages increased spend on each visit.  From small members’ clubs needing music only on Friday nights, through to chains looking for fully integrated digital signage and audio advertising systems, our profilers can take control so that you and your clients can concentrate on other things.


Audio and video advertising are some of the most powerful media for connecting with customers who are already in a business premises.  Audio advertising has an almost subliminal effect, enabling businesses to pass on messages that might otherwise be ignored.  Video advertising, on the other hand, is eye-catching and engaging.  Our systems can make use of existing audio or video assets owned or created by you or your clients, or we can provide the full range of advert creation services, from scripting/story-boarding to delivering a completed advert.


Playing music and/or audio messaging or advertising when callers are ‘on hold’ to a company’s telephone line is a powerful tool for influencing the caller’s perceptions of the business and improving caller retention.  Studies have shown that over 50% of callers will hang up within 60 seconds if kept on hold in silence, compared to just 13% when played music and only 2% when played music and some form of voice message.  Our service is an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for partners wishing to offer their clients an on hold service.


Although our software can be installed on the clients’ own hardware, sometimes a partner or client chooses not to do this.  In that case, our equipment sourcing service helps partners to find the most cost-effective hardware solutions for the services they have chosen to offer.  Whether partners simply need pointed in the direction of suitable hardware, prefer us to supply players set up and ready to go into their clients sites, or have clients who require full speaker and amplifier solutions, we work with our partners to identify appropriate hardware options and to ensure that they meet our partners’ time requirements.


Our network of installation engineers can supply and install audio and video systems anywhere within the UK, covering anything from a two-speaker kiosk to a luxury hotel. We are happy to re-use existing kit if possible, though any kit that is required will be sourced at an appropriate level to suit the project budget.  We are in the process of building a network of trusted installers outside the UK so if you need these services elsewhere in the world please contact us to discuss your requirements.