On-Hold Music and Messaging

On-Hold Music and Messaging.

Our software can be used to offer a very powerful and flexible on-hold service.  Playing music and/or audio messages to callers who are ‘on hold’ is a powerful tool that businesses can use to influence callers’ perceptions of the business and to keep the callers waiting until the business can deal with their call.

In a study conducted by USA Business Telephone Today, 30,000 callers were placed on hold for one minute and either given silence, music or music and information.  52% of callers in the silent group had hung up before the minute was up, compared to just 13% of those in the music group and only 2% of the music and information group.  Of those who were still on the line at the end of the minute, 100% of the callers in the silent group thought they had been on hold for over a minute (and 27% thought it had been more than five minutes!), whereas only 44% of the callers who had been played music thought their call had lasted over a minute and just 19% of the callers in the music and information group (none of the non-silence callers thought it had been over five minutes).  These stats provide a clear argument for offering callers some sort of audio whilst on hold.

Aside from the caller retention angle, callers on hold are also a captive audience for any messages a company may wish to put across.  It is a key time for a company to make a good impression on first-time callers and to maintain that professional image for existing customers.  It is also an excellent opportunity to promote new products and services; advertise specials, discounts and sales; cross-sell additional products to existing customers and to back up any other marketing or advertising activities the company may be doing elsewhere.

Our software platforms offer an extremely low cost, convenient and flexible way for partners to provide on-hold services to their customers.  Adverts and messages can be simply delivered to clients’ sites via our servers, where the system can then be scheduled to play different messages at different times of the day or on different days of the week.  You can even pre-set start and stop dates for a campaign so that clients don’t have to worry about turning the messages on or off on a particular day.