Completion of a 300-site roll-out, on time and almost 5% under budget.

We have completed a roll-out to just under 300 stores in the Edinburgh Woollen Mills ‘family’. The music software was installed onto their back-office PCs by their internal IT department, through the network, avoiding the need for them to visit the sites. A few of the stores already had full audio systems, many had nothing at all, and the remainder were somewhere in between. As a result, in some stores our engineers only had to connect the PC to the existing amplifier, whereas in others they were doing full installations of up to 90 speakers.

The timescale for the roll-out was 17 weeks, and we came in three days under that deadline and almost 5% under the original budget! The systems are all on our Contemporary Royalty-Inclusive product, saving the company a fortune in license fees.