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Our music library extends into six figures and covers every genre and style imaginable.  Our software offers a range of search tools to help filter the music including searches by title, artist, genre (e.g. blues, hip-hop, jazz, etc), year of release, highest chart position, tempo, and many more.  Selecting tracks in this manner can, however, be very time consuming and we therefore also provide a set of ‘pre-compiled’ playlists. These include most of our back catalogue and a selection of automatically updating playlists as well as a set of rotating playlists in the licence-free catalogue. These allow a collection of related tracks to be added to a client’s profile simply and quickly.

The automatically-updating playlists are managed by our studio team to ensure that they always remain up-to-date.  These are as follows:

Current Chart Beat (approx 120 tracks)
“Recent chart hits – bright melodic pop, rock and dance – medium tempo plus”

Current Chart Collection (approx 120 tracks)
“Recent chart hits – pop, dance – medium to uptempo”

Current Chart Cruisin (approx 120 tracks)
“Chart music – melodic pop and rock – easy to midtempo”

Current Chart (60 tracks)
“Top 40 Sales and Airplay Charts – Mixed Tempo”

Current Dance (approx 120 tracks)
“Recent Dance compiled from UK Singles Chart – Uptempo”

Current Indie (approx 120 tracks)
“Recent Indie Rock compiled from UK Singles Chart – Mixed”

Current RnB (approx 120 tracks)
“Recent RnB compiled from UK Singles Chart – Mixed”

Easy Pop and Soul (approx 500 tracks)
“Relaxed MOR pop and Classic Soul – Mixed”

MOR – Daytime (approx 540 tracks)
“MOR Pop & Rock – Easy – Mid”

MOR – Evening (approx 460 tracks)
“MOR Pop & Rock – Mid – Uptempo”

In addition to these, there are several hundred other playlists, which are grouped by ‘Genre’ and ‘Sub-genre’ for ease of management.  A summary of one sub-genre from within each of the 16 genres of PRO music is provided below to give you an idea of the sort of thing in each genre:

Genre: Americana – 8 playlists in 6 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: West Coast Rock (2 playlists: 111/115 tracks)
“Melodic California Rock – 1960s to date – Mixed Tempo”
Includes artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, the Doors, the Beach Boys and the Eagles.

Genre: Celtic – 14 playlists in 6 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Celtic Heartbeat (2 playlists: 102/106 tracks)
“Irish and Scots Soft Rock and Roots – Medium Tempo”
Includes artists such as Capercaillie, Del Amitri, Eddie Reader, the Proclaimers, Runrig and Steeleye Span

Genre: Chart History – over 170 playlists in 13 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: 100% Classics (3 playlists: 60-66 tracks)
“Popular Mainstream Classics – Easy to Midtempo” or “Mid to Uptempo”
Includes a variety of artists: John Lennon, the Kinks, Lighthouse Family, Lionel Richie, Moody Blues, No Doubt, the Police, REM, Rod Stewart and Seal

Genre: Children – 1 playlist in 1 sub-genre, e.g.
Sub-genre: Children’s Favourites (88 tracks)
A variety of classic children’s nursery rhymes, party songs, theme tunes etc.
Includes ‘(How much is) That Doggie.’, ‘Agadoo’, ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ (from the Lion King), and ‘Postman Pat’

Genre: Christmas – 7 playlists in 6 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Blue Christmas (67 tracks)
“Blues, Soul, Jazz and Gospel – Christmas Songs – Mixed Tempo”
Includes tracks such as ‘I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas’ by Bon Jovi, ‘Christmas Blues’ by Dean Martin, ‘Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kitt, ‘Frosty The Snowman’ by Ella Fitzgerald and ‘What Christmas Means to Me’ by Stevie Wonder

Genre: Classical – 6 playlists in 4 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Classical Instrumental – Baroque (72 tracks)
“Orchestral Classics and Chamber Music – Mixed Tempo”
Includes work from a variety of composers including Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart and Vivaldi

Genre: Dance/Electronic – over 50 playlists in 7 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Chill Zone (5 playlists: 80-88 tracks)
“Cool, Laid-back, Ambient Techno – Acid Jazz, Reggae and Dub – Easy to Mid-tempo
Includes artists such as Air, Bonobo, Gotan Project, Quant and Tosca

Genre: Decades – 8 playlists in 5 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Golden Jukebox – The 70s (2 playlists: 114/121 tracks)
“Classic 70s Pop, Rock, Soul, Disco and Funk – Medium to Uptempo”
The ‘Golden Jukebox’ playlists cover 5 decades – 50s to 90s, and consist of 8 playlists in total, each including all of the classic artists of their decade

Genre: Easy Listening/MOR – 37 playlists in 7 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Contemporary Retail (294 tracks)
“Relaxed, Melodic – Pop, Rock, Soul and MOR – Easy to Midtempo”
A range of artists including Anastacia, Beautiful South, Billy Joel, Faithless, Franz Ferdinand, Jamie Cullum, Keane, REM and Turin Brakes

Genre: Instrumental  – 7 playlists in 3 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Piano Instrumental (2 playlists: 112/120 tracks)
“MOR and Cocktail Jazz – Easy to Midtempo”

Genre: Jazz – 15 playlists in 6 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Uptown Jazz (5 playlists: 88-102 tracks)
“Mainstream and Fusion – Mellow and Melodic, 1940s to Date – Medium to Uptempo”
Includes artists such as Clifford Brown, Herbie Hancock, the James Taylor Quartet, Nina Simone and Tony Bennett

Genre: MOBO – 34 playlists in 11 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Street Dreams (9 playlists: 4 at 53-56 tracks; 5 at 104-112 tracks)
“Mellow Hip Hop, Rap, Soul and RnB – Medium Tempo’
Includes artists such as Ashanti, Beyonce, Craig David, Javine, Kelly Rowland, Macy Gray, Mary J Blige, Nicole Russo, R Kelly and Rhianna

Genre: Party – 9 playlists in 5 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Summertime (2 playlists: 60 tracks each)
“Summer Hits and Party Music – For the Holiday Season – Mixed Tempo”
A variety of artists including 10cc, Crowded House, Don Henley, the Kinks, Mungo Jerry and Santana

Genre: Rock – 30 playlists in 6 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Rebel Rock (2 playlists: 63/64 tracks)
“Psychedelic, Garage, Punk, New Wave – 1960s to 1980s – Mixed Tempo”
Includes artists such as Billy Idol, the Doors, the Happy Mondays, Lou Reed, the Ramones, the Smiths, Steppenwolf and the Talking Heads

Genre: World – 26 playlists in 13 sub-genres, e.g.
Sub-genre: Café Del Playa (4 playlists: 100-101 tracks)
“Sunny Latin and Balearic Flavours – Mixed Tempo”
This genre also includes such diverse music as contemporary Italian and Oriental folk music

The Licence-Free music is also broken into playlists by genre and includes: Chill Out, Christmas, Classical, Contemporary RnB, Country, Dance, Easy Listening, Indie Rock, Jazz, Lounge, Modern Lounge, Pop, Pop/Dance, Pop/MOR Easy-Mid, Pop/MOR Mid-Up, Relax, World (includes Celtic, Italian, Mediterranean and Thai playlists, among others)

Aside from the music that we already have available, there is also a ‘request a new track’ button within the online portal. This opens a form where you can fill in the song name, artists, album/single if known and any other information. This information is automatically sent to our studio team, who can then source your requests. Where a whole new genre or sub-genre is required, this can also be arranged (the Italian and Oriental music, for example, was added for particular clients).

The music catalogue is being updated all the time. The best way to get a feel for the available music is to take a free trial. This will allow you to view all of the track listings. It also gives you the chance to ‘play’ with the tools to see what is possible.