What is music4Uonline?

Music4Uonline is a new music system for businesses. We designed it to offer the maximum functionality for minimal cost. We wanted to create a system that would cater for every possible requirement but still have an option for any budget. You can test its power for yourself by going over to the music4Uonline website and finding out about our free trial.

Combining music4Uonline with our new mobile broadband offerings give you all of the benefits of Internet-delivery without needing to install a broadband line or involve IT.


Simplicity and Power

When we decided to produce an Internet-delivered service we had a choice: enable one of our existing systems for Internet-update or start from scratch. We chose the latter and then consulted a range of clients and potential clients to establish what people really needed from our services.

This led us to develop a system that can be as simple or as complex as the user wishes it to be. Music4Uonline incorporates advanced music profiling, video capability, advertising options, plug-and-play functionality and utter simplicity all within one package. Whether you want to plug your system in and then forget about it or pick ten thousand tracks by hand, music4Uonline allows you to do so.

What’s more, the different options can be turned on and off at will. This means that the system can evolve as your business changes.

To top everything off, the software uses ordinary computing equipment. This keeps the cost of new hardware to a minimum. It even means that you can install the service on your own existing PCs, laptops or EPOS/till systems, saving you from having to buy hardware at all!

The ‘Add-ons’ – Overlays, Video, Advertising and Innovation

Music4Uonline offers a variety of add-on options beyond basic music.

Overlays allow a different style of music of music to start and stop on certain dates, and play every track or every few tracks. This is perfect for Christmas music in December, Irish music on St Patricks day and love songs around Valentines, for example.

The system is also fully video enabled and will play both audio and video adverts. Like overlays, adverts can be pre-programmed to run for the duration of a particular campaign and can be set to play at a frequency chosen by you. Videos offer a highly-effective means of communicating with your customers while they are in your premises. Both videos and adverts can be enabled or disabled as you see fit, and this can be changed at any time.

We are always striving to ensure that we offer every possible option that our clients may need. This includes developing new services as requested by individual clients. Recent developments included an option for aerobics classes and a drag-and-drop function for playlist building. One option for the future is an SMS (text message) jukebox. If you think there is something more we could be offering for you, please let us know.

The Benefits

  • Complete flexibility: from ‘set and forget’ to total control and everything in-between
  • ‘Default’ profiles and ‘Current’ playlists offer assistance with building and maintaining appropriate music selections – ensure that the current chart is always up to date
  • Total simplicity if required: we can send a pre-programmed player for instant connection
  • Array of hardware options: purchase a new player or use your existing PC, laptop or EPOS/till system
  • Can be playing within 15 minutes of sign-up!
  • Easily vary the music throughout the day according to customer changes
  • Grouping of sites allows segmentation by brand, region or customer demographic; alternatively whole estates can share a common profile
  • Advertising is quick and simple to set up and manage
  • Messaging capability – last orders etc.
  • Track history visible from any Internet-connected PC via secure login
  • Video/visual capability
  • Vast selection of music – access to over 75,000 tracks from the first day
  • Pre-programme seasonal music variations and advertising campaigns to start and stop on certain dates
  • Regular music updates ensure your music stays current
  • Range of price-plans and payment options
  • Range of contract durations – from one month to five years
  • Control can be devolved to a third-party, such as a marketing agency, if required
  • Advertising compliance demonstrable from any Internet-connected PC