GMS Profile

GMS profile – who are we? 

We are the UK’s longest-running provider of music and media services to businesses.  We are a family business, founded by the father of the current MD and with the third generation of family members on the board.  We believe in applying family values such as honesty and fairness to all of our business relationships.  This business is virtually a part of the family and our staff and partners are honorary family members.

How did we start supplying music? 

In Victorian times, our family came down from the Scottish Highlands as cattle drovers and used their knowledge of beef to settle as butchers in Stirlingshire.  From butchery we moved into general retail, with one of the first supermarkets in Scotland.  It was in this shop that our founder realised the power of music and advertising in a retail setting.  You can read the story of the company’s formation in ‘Malcolm and the Marzipan’.

Why should you work with us? 

As a family-run business, we have the flexibility to adapt to our partners’ needs.  Many of our staff members have been part of our team for over a decade, giving them a unique knowledge and understanding of our partners and their clients.  The success of GMS Music lies in our stable staff base, the quality of our partnerships and the forward-thinking nature of our solutions and services.

What can we offer? 

Our solutions are all about choice and flexibility; your GMS system can be whatever you need it to be.  For clients needing main-stream music, we have the current charts and a full back-catalogue of chart music going back to the start of the charts, plus a vast selection in other genres including jazz, rock, dance, soul and many others.  You can also have music videos for the current and recent charts.  Many businesses are now choosing to save themselves a fortune and create a unique ambience by using our direct-licensed music, which removes the need for copyright licenses.  This also comes in a full range of genres including high-energy music for fitness classes.  We even offer digital signage solutions and audio-advert-only options for those with no music requirements at all.  Whatever your needs and budget, we’re confident we can tailor our services to fit your business.