Content Delivery
Content delivery is what we call it when partners use our software platforms to deliver music, audio messaging or video to their clients’ sites.  Most of our partners want to do this as a ‘white-label’ offering, meaning that all logos are changed to our partner’s branding and the help and contact information within the player is changed to direct clients’ to the partner so that their clients don’t know we are involved.  This enables partners to offer their clients the full range of technological and profiling capabilities, without any of the upfront investment in time and money that it would take for them to develop such an offering for themselves, but without any dilution of their brand.

We are completely flexible in how this relationship is managed.  In most cases we provide the partner with basic training in how our services work and some copies of the software for them to ‘play with’ until they get a feel for the options available.  Sometimes we are asked to help a partner develop their marketing materials or to attend some of the early sales meetings, either introduced as a software partner or simply as a representative of the partner’s company.

We may make alterations or additions to the software to enable the partner to offer a service that the software doesn’t currently cater for, though this often happens further into the relationship, once the partner has started selling the software and finds clients with requirements we haven’t been asked to cater for before.  Our developers, IT people and customer services team remain on hand to answer any questions our partners may have.