Client Testimonials

Wide-Ranging Client Base 

Our clients have included many well-known names from all of the main UK sectors with customer ‘spaces’.  This includes Retail, Financial, the Licenced Trade, Hotels, Restaurants, Councils, Visitor Attractions and even Football Clubs, among others.

Client Testimonials and Client/Tester Comments

Below are some of our clients’ and tester’s comments…

In late 2008, like many companies, we lost some of our clients to the ‘Economic crisis’. We were particularly sad to lose MFI, for whom we had been providing music since 1973! We also lost The Pier at that time. These companies’ comments are listed first:

A S Fisk, Director of Store Development, 10/11/06

We supplied MFI from 1973 until they succumed to the economic crisis in 2008:

“GMS are a family run business who still give outstanding customer service. They have worked with MFI for over 20 years, from when music systems were driven by tape players progressing through to CD players with compressed music discs and currently music downloaded to a store modem to facilitate instant change and any messaging requirements. GMS have a comprehensive music library to fit any mood or time of day and will select titles to fit your customer profile.
I have always found GMS to be innovative in prompting their customers to keep their systems up to date with current technology, and they are extremely responsive to any new initiatives that we have. GMS supply MFI with the full range of services, from design and installation through music and messaging to any maintenance issues we may have. GMS are a first class operation and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

The Pier
Alex Meek, Head of IS, 16/05/09

Our music4Uonline service ran on The Pier’s EPOS systems from 2006 until they ceased trading in 2009:

“GMS and I worked together to provide in-store music for The Pier. At all times I found them to be professional and easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a business partner.”

Scottish & Newcastle PLC (S&N)
Hugh Anderson, Corporate Development Manager, 19/10/06

Commenting on his test of our music4Uonline service (then recently released):

“…In simple terms it enables a powerful, centrally controlled, internet delivered music system that can be customised as required. It also enables the playing of adverts or other audio/video messages… it is pretty impressive software.”

Beaverbrooks The Jewellers

Feedback from various Beaverbrooks stores on the music and advertising service rolled out in May 2008:
Gina, Romford Branch, 22/05/08

“Mark from GMS… was a pleasure to have in store; polite, efficient, professional and very friendly.”

Lisa, Bolton Branch, 05/06/08

“We love it and it’s great because it is contemporary and not repetitive and is hassle free.”

Oldham Branch, 06/02/09 –

“we are loving the current music, customers have commented on how good it is… we’ve all been singing along with the tunes.”

Trespass Clothing

Grant Reid, Area Manager, 07/07/09

Explaining what our music service does for their business:

“Having the music playing continuously breaks up the background noise that echoes in from the centre, and makes it a bit more personalised. It also carries a bit more atmosphere in the store, which relaxes customers and makes their shopping experience more enjoyable.”