Brand Profiling - Music / Visuals

Brand Profiling – Creating and Sustaining a Brand Audio-Visual Presence

Audio is one of the most subtle, yet effective, ways of creating an ambience. Whether you are trying to build a new brand, or maintain an existing one, having the right mix of music can create an audio ‘signature’ that audibly reinforces customers’ awareness of your brand messages. In the right environment, this can be further developed by the placement of relevant adverts/messages alongside the music, where appropriate.

Video displays are a more overt method of creating a brand statement. Whereas music is subliminal in its brand reinforcement, video is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. It can be used to pull potential customers into a site, or to capture their imaginations inside a site. For highly emotive products such as luxury cars, displaying the object of a potential customer’s desires, racing along a slick track, could be enough to persuade them to part with their cash there and then. For more standard products, video can be an excellent way of engaging with customers, and making your site(s) more interactive.

Our systems are all designed so that your own Marketing department or Brand Advisors can take control, should they wish. Most of our clients, however, want us to build and maintain their profiles on their behalf, so that it is one less thing for them to think about. Our profilers are experienced in pulling together the correct mix of music to satisfy varying brand requirements, making the process as fast and easy as possible.

One of our profilers will be assigned to your account, and will work with you to achieve the exact mix of music, messages, audio/video adverts and/or music videos, to best meet your business goals. This is usually done through a telephone consultation with your profiler, though more complex profiles may require a face-to-face meeting. Once your profiler is sure of your requirements, they will build and then maintain your audio-visual profile, loading content onto your system(s) as required. Your secure login will still allow you to check on exactly what is being loaded onto your systems, and what has played in your site(s), should you wish.