Equipment Sourcing

AV Equipment

Our software can be installed on the clients’ own hardware (PCs, till and EPOS systems and tablets among other options) but sometimes our partners will ask us to source equipment for a client.  This tends to happen in three circumstances:

  • A client requests a complete package including supply of a dedicated machine.
  • A client requires a full audio or audio-visual system installation including supply of speakers, amplifiers and/or screens.
  • A partner decides to supply their clients with a hardware solution, either as a means to generate additional revenue or to simplify their offering into a plug-and-play package.

Whatever the reason, we can either point our partners in the direction of suitable hardware or can purchase the hardware directly for onward supply to the partner, according to their preferences and budget.  Some partners choose to have us set up their clients’ systems, which obviously costs more than doing it themselves but leaves them free to find more clients and to look after the ones they already have, so some consider it a worthwhile trade.  We are completely flexible in our options and can take as much or as little involvement in the process as you require.